ArtLine 3

Rated /5

A vectorization and retouch application.
This is a complete vectorization tool, similar to FreeHand or Illustrator, which can be used to scan (will pilot your Twain scanner), print (PostScript is possible), and automatically vectorize Bitmap images. Floating toolboxes, containing a wealth of tools for retouching images, enable the user to create and deform lines, curves and angles. Blocks can be automatically aligned and it is possible to choose to vectorize only a selected portion of an image, color zones with different effects (set using percentages), perform rotations etc.. TIFF, PICT and MacPaint templates can be imported, with multiple undo-redo, and the program is compatible with Adobe Illustrator, FreeHand, Corel Draw, Canvas, …as well as Mac OS 8 and ColorSync. The price varies with the different modules purchased.

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