SmartDB 2.0

Rated /5

SmartDB makes it possible to create and use in a simple way of the data bases having the following characteristics: The cards have to 11 different fields These fields can be declared with the format text or with the numerical format Possibilité of associating with each card a photograph (Bmp format or JPeG format) Tri of the cards possible according to any of the 11 Recherche fields possible on the first column of the possible grid of Recherche data total on all the contents of the data base Each base can be protected by declaring it ‘ in reading seule’ Each base can be cryptée (Key with 6 digits chosen by the user) Of the filters can be posed on any of the 11 fields One can insulate the cards quickly having a photograph Each base (filtered to be printed a pre-visualization is possible before impression Each base can be exported with the Excel format or with the csv format It is possible to import a file Excel or csv to create a new base

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