Mnémo Scrab 6.1

Rated /5

Mnémo-Scrab is original software of training to remember the words admitted in the Scrabble© et to improve combinatorial capacities in a playful way.
To progress in a significant way in the Scrabble it is indeed necessary to learn certain particular words (As the words containing an letter J, K, Q, X, W, Z, verbs, short words from 2 to 3 letters…), but it can to reconstitute the words from an unpredictable edition of letters.
Mnémo-Scrab is specifically conceived to help you to acquire these two types of skills.
The interface, intuitive and easy to use, proposes numerous functions as:
– The multicriterion research of words
– the creation of its own lists
– the anagrams research
– the saving, the printing…
Its dictionary contains 156 905 words, all the words from 2 to 9 letters from the official dictionary of Scrabble (ODS 4).

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