Version 4.4.4 Nightly 185MB

Omnirom 4.4.4 Nightly

Rated 5/5

OmniROM is a community-based Android firmware. The developers formerly worked on CyanogenMod, the most popular Android custom ROM. With their new company they have launched this project, OmniROM.

The current OmniROM nightlies, based on Android 4.4.1 Kit Kat, currently run on 29 devices. OmniROM offers some interesting features. Incoming calls are represented on a small map at the bottom of the screen so that they do not disturb the user, if he is reading an article, for example, or playing a game.

As with CyanogenMod, OmniROM also offers a system-wide DSP for sound control. This offers all sorts of settings such as the adjustment of the frequency of the bass boosts. The feature active display originating from the developers of Chameleon OS is also included in OmniROM. This allows app notifications to be displayed on the lock screen. The function switches the screen to display the notifications and switches them off automatically after a time interval (3, 5, 8, 10, 15, or 25 seconds). OmniROM also offers tuning and adjustment options for menu bars.

In terms of data protection is OmniROM on the amount of time and allows customisation of app privileges with regard to location, personally data, SMS/MMS, media and device.

Version 4.4.4 Nightly 185MB

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