Version 11.0.67687 5.5MB

TeamViewer QuickSupport (Android) 11.0.67687

Rated 5/5

With TeamViewer QuickSupport you can now access Samsung smartphones or tablets or resolve any mobile-related support queries of your employees, friends and family members remotely from your computer.

How it works:

  • Your partner starts TeamViewer QuickSupport on the Samsung Android mobile device.
  • He/She gives you the TeamViewer ID or sends it via text message or e-mail.
  • You enter the ID in your TeamViewer on your computer and connect as usual. After a brief confirmation, you can control the device.

TeamViewer QuickSupport is immediately available for download to Samsung users in Google Play and Samsung Apps. The app is compatible with Samsung mobile devices running original Samsung firmware and Android 2.3 or later.

Version 11.0.67687 5.5MB

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