Version 28.2.2

Dropbox (Android) 28.2.2

Rated 5/5

Dropbox is a cloud storage service for Windows, Mac OS, Android, and Linux that allows you to automatically synchronise and share documents, pictures, music or videos between multiple PCs or devices.

All data saved transmits the application to a cloud server that provides 2 GB of free disk space available to each user. Dropbox detects changes in files and synchronises it with the server when an Internet connection is available. To gain access to data on a different computer, the user can either install Dropbox or log onto the service’s website.

Also supported is access via smartphone browsers, including iPhone, BlackBerry or Android browsers. Users can also download a device client app that offers better integration, for instance allowing photos taken with the phone’s camera to be automatically uploaded.

The program can also make files available to other Dropbox users for editing. Files can also be provided with individual download links for use by those not registered with Dropbox – very handy for sharing your latest vacation photos with friends and acquaintances.

Other features include, for example, a bandwidth limitation, so as not to overload your Internet connection, or the ability to recover deleted files.

Dropbox is currently the most popular cloud storage service. It has evolved to the de facto standard and comes pre-installed on many smartphones.

Version 28.2.2

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