Frostwire for Android 0.4.24

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The Android app efforts are well underway by now, the FrostWire App for Android is very usable and it should be getting a “beta” label pretty soon. In the meantime the application has been tested in over 250 cities all over the world (by a few folks on each) and it’s getting ready for showtime.
That means that the next step will be FrostWire for Desktop talking to your Android device. This will be one of the major additions to FrostWire for Desktop 4.21 series. Expect great tools to copy files from/to your Android device via Wi-Fi.
They’re also planning on creating a FrostClick Torrent search service which will be seamlessly integrated into the “Torrent Search” results, making even more legal content available to you.
Among other very delayed ideas, they might introduce the long promised plugin platform so that you can extend FrostWire in ways we can’t possibly imagine. We know that the p2p network can be used for far more than file sharing [democratic distributed computing, social networking, gaming, and more] and we want to give you the tools to help us deliver new services on top of it. Stay tuned.
On this new release you can expect better connectivity (even from behind some firewall configurations) and a more responsive UI due to better resource management and a rewrite of connectivity management, which was re-architected to support 3G and 4G connections

FrostWire 0.4.24
– Core-Upgrade: Socket management rewritten to connect behind most firewall configurations (almost ready for 3G/4G support)
– Core-Upgrade: Rewrite of Application Provider.
– UX-Upgrade: Internationalization: French Support (i18n).
– UX-Upgrade: When browsing your own apps you now see their corresponding icons.
– UX-Upgrade: New setting to control vibration notifications upon finished downloads.
– Bug-fix: Crash when opening an old notification if the app wasn’t running.
– Bug-fix: Copying .apk files from the phone to the desktop didn’t work.
– Bug-fix: Possible search result filtering Exception fixed. Better search results for the network.
– Bug-Fix: Fixes obscure FC when starting a batch download then hitting the Back button right away.
– Bug-Fix: Fixes I/O bug that should result in less “Waiting…” cases when browsing peers.
– UI-Fix: Smoother scrolling and updating of Peer list.

FrostWire is an open-source peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing program. It uses the Gnutella network and is heavily based on the better-known LimeWire program. It is a fork of LimeWire with few modifications.

  • Completely Free & open-source
  • Firewall-to-firewall transfers
  • Turbo-Charged Download Speeds
  • Absolutely NO Spyware or Adware
  • Connects to more sources
  • Creative Commons license support
  • Max. speed network connections
  • Junk Result Filters
  • Community Chat Rooms
  • iTunes Integration
  • BitTorrent Support
  • Proxy Support Windows Vista, XP, 2000 and NT. FrostWire 4.18.1 is out. This release focuses in fixing many of the complains received by the community, mostly related to the connectivity and the media player.

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