Version 5.3.5 502.27MB

Ultimate Boot CD 5.3.5

Rated 5/5

Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD) consists of useful system diagnostics utilities. After the PC starts up from the CD, you can choose them from a text menu.

Many freeware tools are on board: AIDA for DOS, F-Prot Antivirus, Seatools, Memtest86, NTFS Reader for DOS, Partition Resizer, Maxx and E-Maxx.

Other features include:

  • Hard disk configuration
  • Hard disk wipe
  • Partitioning
  • DOS and NTFS file management
  • DOS and Linux rescue disks
  • Booting from the USB-memory-stick

UBCD offers everything that power users might need: you can fix damaged disk drives or take a look at the system settings. On a single CD is found what would have earlier required dozens of floppy disks. The suite saves BIOS settings.

Note: The download file is an ISO format, and must be burned onto a CD before it can be used as a boot CD.

Version 5.3.5 502.27MB

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