RightNote (Portable installer) 2.1.0

Rated /5

RightNote is an easy to use note organiser and information manager that allows you to store and organise different types of information in a single place – and find that information very quickly. RightNote includes many features that help you deal with information more efficiently and productively and have fun doing it at the same time
Multiple levels of organisation Each RightNote notebook consists of any number of pages and each page contains it’s own hierarchical tree of notes. This gives you a large amount of flexibility and power to organise your notes just the way you need to.
Handle different types of information Each note in RightNote can be one of several different note types – including word processing, spreadsheet and source code note types. This allows you to seamlessly include different types of information in a single notebook.
Find it fast! The in-built full text search engine allows you to find what you’re looking for ultra-fast. No complicated search dialogs – just type and see highlighted search results as you type!
Keep it secure RightNote includes a flexible protection scheme that allows you to securely protect information in any note, tree or notebook with industry standard 128-bit encryption.
Powerful web import RightNote’s advanced HTML paste feature allows you to import web-page content with images and style information intact so that imported content looks very similar to the original.
You’re not stuck Powerful import and export options allow you to import data from various sources as well as export to common file formats such as .txt, .rtf, .rvf, .html and .xls formats. Download a free 30 day trial version to see for yourself what RightNote can do.
More Features

  • Word processing note supports powerful text formatting and layout features, including tables, hypertext link, images and ole objects.
  • Spreadsheet note supports text and cell formatting, microsoft excel functions, cell comments, standard fill actions such as fill up, down etc, import from and export to .xls files.
  • Consistent user interface for different note types.
  • Support for virtual notes allows you to work on external documents (.txt, .rtf, .rvf and .htm) all from a single location.
  • Support for link type notes allows you to open external files and applications right from your RightNote file.
  • Highlight search term in search results.
  • Support for note tags which can also be searched for via global search.
  • Unicode support for most parts of the application (see unicode help topic for exceptions).
  • Automatic checking for new updates.
  • Page transfer dialog makes it easy to copy or move a page from one notebook to another.
  • Import files from explorer via drag and drop to either note tree or RichView note type editor.
  • Internal links from one note to another note in the same notebook.
  • Ability to undo all changes since last save.
  • Powerful and consistent print and print preview for all note types.
  • Portable version allows you to run the application from a USB stick without effecting the host computer on which it is run.
  • Predefined text colors, background colors and mixed color palettes.
  • Favorite files toolbar allows for quick access to frequently used files.
  • Efficient memory usage: only load notes as they are needed.
  • Fast and light database engine ensures fast data loading and saving of even large files.

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