Version 4MB

Weave News Reader

Rated 5/5

All the news you want, in one app.

Exclusive to Windows Phones, Weave is a news reader that lets you follow any website or blog you are interested in at any time.  It provides a huge set of built-in news sources grouped by categories such as technology, world events, gaming, etc.  From there, the user can search for any other site you want to add.

The first time the user opens the app, they can pick from a few of the more popular topics.  If they don’t see something they like listed, don’t worry – there are a lot more topics in the browseable library included with the app!

There is also a TON of customisation options – everything from different fonts, font sizes, and reading theme colours (try the “night” reading theme when you’re up late reading the latest news!).

The app even lets the user choose what voice they want to hear when Weave speaks an article to them…

Version 4MB

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