Version 5.2MB

LogMeIn Hamachi (Mac)

Rated 5/5

Hamachi is a proprietary VPN client with a built-in Instant Messenger. The tool allows you to create a virtual LAN over the Internet. It provides password protection for the network and allows remote access for computers that have not installed the client. With a so-called gateway network, it also lets users dial into a a private IP network as well as an end-to-end VPN.

A network administrator can remove the privileges of a member if necessary and can create up to 256 networks with up to 16 users. With a commercial license the number of users increases to 256 users per network.

The connection between the individual computers is created using a central server operated by the provider (mediation server). If it is not available through a firewall rule or server failure, no new connections are possible. Existing tunnels continue to work however (tunnel persistence).

Hamachi is easy-to-configure VPN client. With the tool programs that work only on local area networks, can be used over the Internet – such as computer games or file-sharing programs.

Version 5.2MB

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