Doozla 1.2

Rated /5

Doozla – a drawing application…for kids!

Many software programs are overly complicated, with lots of scary looking buttons! Not so with Doozla – the simple interface lets your children draw and be creative within seconds of opening Doozla.
Doozla – as simple as using a paper and crayon butplane graphic digitized!

One Thing at a Time

Doozla’s four drawing options provide a guided start – whether that be a scene, an iSight photo snap, a color-in image, or a blank page.

Included fun art

Doozla includes a stack of fun artwork designed for coloring in and coloring over. Color-in art with some historical and fun images really are cool to color in. Sophisticated scenes, fun and funky characters and objects entice students and young kids to color and add their own ideas.

Smooth lines

Doozla uses curves to draw, not pixels – this means each twist and turn of your mouse makes beautiful smooth lines on your screen and printed page.

  • Super easy to use interface
  • New ‘My Doozles‘ area (v1.2) that can automatically save and store all the ‘Doozles’ that you create!
  • Easily get your images out and use in other projects!
  • Imagination inspiring worksheets
  • iSight support – snap and draw on yourself!
  • Fullscreen, zero-distraction view
  • Vector drawing for smooth output
  • Tablet support

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