Comic Life Magiq 1.1

Rated /5

Download Comic Life Magiq from it’s Comic Life …. evolved!

With creative features rivalling ‘Pro’ applications, while retaining plasq’s signature ease-of-use, Comic Life Magiq is an evolution of Comic Life.

  • Powerful Magiq image editor for cutting, coloring, warping, greenscreening
  • Easy to navigate layout view with auto-guides for neater results, faster
  • Bendy panels, balloons and captions with rich brush and line options
  • A rainbow of color, compositing, gradient and reflection controls
  • Impress-your-friends with quality templates, props, backgrounds and object spraycans


With a bunch of great designers and illustrators to include a collection of Templates, Props, Balloons and Spraycans. Your comics will help you tell any story.

The caped designer

The underlying engine can handle complex panels, speech balloons and captions. Vector brushes, bezier paths and many compositing options allow you to create professional works for yourself or a client.
Mac OS X 10.5.2+ required

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