MacPilot Lite 1.0.8

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Download MacPilot Lite, cool Mac software to download free from Note that this software was Discontinued on February 11, 2012 and this is the last version.

MacPilot Lite offers one hundred and fifty of the most popular features of the full version of MacPilot. Scared of the terminal or can’t be bothered to remember those commands to customize your system the way you want? MacPilot is your digital saviour. Easily enable and disable hidden features in Mac OS X, optimize and repair your system, and perform numerous routine maintenance operations with the click of a button.

  • Show UNIX path in folder title bars
  • Show hidden file and folders
  • Disable .DS_Store creation over a network
  • Enable QuickLook’s X-Ray mode for folders
  • Disable animation or window panes, snap to grid, window opening, and closing, and launch
  • Hide “Show View Options” in the “View” menu
  • Hide “Customize Toolbar” in the “View” menu
  • Hide “Burn Disc” in the “File” menu
  • Hide “Eject” in the “File” menu
  • Hide “Empty Trash” in the “Finder” menu
  • Hide “Preferences” in the “Finder” menu
  • Show “Quit Finder” in the “Finder” menu


  • Hidden applications have translucent icons
  • Two dimensional appearance
  • Use new list-style stack
  • Highlight stack items on mouse-over
  • Bounce con in the Dock during application launch
  • Allow application icons to bounce when they have alerts
  • Window minimization visual effect
  • Automatically hide/show the Dock
  • Lock Dock size and contents
  • Expose mode when a file drags ove an app in the Dock
  • Single Application mode
  • Add recent servers, applications, documents stack
  • Add favourite items or volumes stack
  • Add documents or applications spacer


  • Show link to iTunes store
  • Show the genre in the Browser
  • Enable Genius
  • Show Library playlist
  • Set links in the store to point to local library
  • Play songs while converting or importing
  • Create file names with track numbers included


  • Prefer plain text message display
  • Show invisible characters in message source
  • Disable data detectors
  • Copy only the e-mail address

QuickTime Player X

  • Toggle rounded corners
  • Never automatically hide the controller
  • Allow simultaneous recordigs
  • Automatically play movies
  • Show closed captioning and subtitles automatically


  • Disable in-browser PDF support
  • Confirm when closing multiple pages
  • Force target and external links to open in the same window
  • Always show the tab bar
  • Automatically open safe downloads
  • Show link URLs in tooltips
  • Show Develop menu
  • Back/Forward button page limit
  • Hide bookmark icons
  • Set the minimum font size
  • Maximum page age in days
  • Maximum history menu age in days and items
  • Printing: Include headers and footers
  • Printing: Include page background


  • Disable the calculator
  • Disable the dictionary
  • Force dictionary to open in one window
  • Toggle indexing


  • Crash reporter style
  • Kernel boot-mode
  • Maximum recent items
  • Skip disk image checksum verification
  • Add Eject menu to menubar
  • Install Archives preferences pane
  • Scroll arrow style
  • Tooltip delay
  • Sheet speed
  • Interface scaling
  • Expanded print & save window
  • Disable console access on Login window
  • Show international input menu on Login window
  • Disable Restart, Shutdown, and Sleep buttons on the Login window
  • Show/hide admin, local, and network users on the Login window
  • Change the host information on the Login window
  • Enter a Login window welcome message
  • Screen capture destination, name, and format
  • Prevent screen capture from including window shadows


  • Disable Dashboard
  • Dashboard developer mode
  • Hide Terminal scrollbar
  • Terminal focus follows mouse
  • Disable Time Machine prompt when a new disk is inserted
  • Allow Time Machine to use unsupported disks
  • Set the Time Machine maximum backup size
  • Turn the help Viewer into a normal window that does not float
  • Get the Help Viewer to print debugging information to the Console


  • Rebuild the Launch Services database
  • Check preferences files for XML errors
  • Update prebinding
  • Erase Help Viewer Index
  • Erase Spotlight index
  • Wipe crash reporter, diagnostic, sync, file service, and directory logs
  • Clear kernel, boot, DNS, data detector, CUPS, desktop picture, QuickTime, Dock icon, Mail, QuickLook, preference pane, Temporary item, Software Update, Safari, and font registry cache
  • Reset Safari history, cookies, form values, top sites, local storage, last session, and download history
  • Run the daily, weekly, or monthly cron/periodic scripts

Login Window

  • Remove .DS_Store files
  • Launch the Common Unix Printing System preferences
  • Force delete a file or folder
  • List detailed information about the computer hardware, operating system, graphics cards and memory.

  • Version 1.0.7
  • New Feature: Can now re-open the main window from the Window menu.

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