VoxOx for Mac

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Meet VoxOx, Use it to make a call, take a call, add video to that call, start a chat, send a text, send an IM, get a fax, send a fax, save a contact, do… whatever. Get VoxOx 2 and make communication, well, easy.

Free Personal Phone Number

Use your free phone number to forward calls to any and all of your phones, send and receive faxes and text messages — and even route calls depending on who is calling! (If you want to choose a custom phone number, those are available too for a small fee.)

Free Voicemail

With your free number, you also get Voxox voicemail. Call in from any phone to check your voicemail, or have voicemails sent to your email or mobile phone.
Translation Feature…..The VoxOx Universal Translator takes what you’re typing, and seamlessly translates it into the language of your choice in real time. So have a conversation in Spanish without all the tests on grammar. The built in translator also translates your incoming messages, even if the other person isn’t on VoxOx.
The VoxOx service manages cross-media communication and unifies key communication channels – voice, video, Instant Messaging (IM), text (SMS), social media, e-mail, file and content sharing – into one interface. VoxOx offers users a combination of mobile features, interoperable IM, social networking aggregation, and other e-mail, Web and mobile services within one service. It also supports Twitter and Facebook.
Personal Assistant
The first and only totally customizable phone experience. The VoxOx Personal Assistant allows you to personalise the calling experience for EACH contact. Your very own Personal Assistant will give your callers the option to reach you directly, leave you a voicemail, or send a fax. With options like Call Screening, Eavesdrop, or Dead end, the VoxOx Personal Assistant gives you total call control.
Conference Calling
Conference Calling made easy. VoxOx lets you connect 3 people on the line at once. Simply click on the contacts you want on the call and that’s it! You can even connect up to 20 friends on a Conference Call with VoxOx.
Instant Messaging
With only one login, VoxOx gives you access to all your instant messaging accounts from one window. Facebook, MySpace and Skype IM are included now, so you can chat with any of your friends on your favourite network or instant messenger from VoxOx and never miss a message.
Send via Text Message There are lots of ways to share files with email, social network private message or IM. And now with VoxOx 2 add texts to your File Sharing tools. Have your friend download on the go by sending them a download link via text!
VoxOx supports the following protocols:
* .NET Messenger Service
* XMPP including Google Talk, jabber.org and LiveJournal services …
* Yahoo Messenger
* My Space
* Skype
* FaceBook
* Twitter

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