SEO SpyGlass for Mac 3.18

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SEO SpyGlass enables you to secretly (and ethically) spy on your Google and Yahoo competition and see exactly why they rank better than you. Just launch SEO SpyGlass, and in a matter of minutes you will know everything humanly possible about why ANY site ranks well. SEO SpyGlass lets you:

  • Secretly spy on your top-ranking competitors and get detailed information on why they rank well (including their complete link building strategy!)
  • Analyze your competition in 441 local and international search engines.
  • Create your personal SEO Success Blueprint Report that will tell you in plain English which steps you need to take to rank #1 for your keyword.
  • Print backlink analysis reports, publish them to the Web, or send them via email (Enterprise version.)

Discovers backlinks the site has

Check the exact backlinks your site has — or spy on your competitor’s backlinks with SEO SpyGlass. In a matter of minutes, this smart tool will calculate the total number of backlinks the site has and show the exact URL of each and every backlink. Since today’s search engines place a huge value on links, this is the number one factor for ranking well.

Shows the BEST keywords to optimize the site for

Finding the best keywords is a quick and easy process, now that you’ve got SEO SpyGlass to help you. The program will find the keywords — and keyphrases that will help dramatically increase your traffic. Thanks to our software, you will discover the exact anchor texts the #1 site owners are using. Moreover, SEO SpyGlass will sort out keywords, so that you can see the total number of times keywords appear within the anchor and title text of their backlinks (that is, the anchor and title keyword density).

Tells you how to beat your competitor’s PageRank

SEO SpyGlass will show you the Google PageRank of every backlink which tells a lot in terms of how important these links are to Google. Plus, SpyGlass will let you see the total number of PageRank 0 to PageRank 10 backlinks your competitor has — you will need to mirror these numbers to beat your competitor’s PageRank.

Allows you to see the Alexa Traffic Rank of every backlink

The Alexa Traffic Rank gives you a traffic estimate of the sites that are sending visitors to your competition. Now you can uncover your competitor’s biggest traffic sources and tap into them yourself!

Lets you easily see if your competitors are buying site-wide links

SEO SpyGlass will show you the total number of your competitor’s backlinks coming from the same IP addresses (read: from the same site). If a sizable percentage of their links come from the same site, this means they are buying or otherwise obtaining site-wide links. A site-wide link is a link from many (or all) pages of a single site. Site-wide links can be immensely powerful in achieving better rankings.

Shows you which anchor texts and page titles work for your competition

SpyGlass will tell you the exact anchor texts and anchor URLs your competitors are using (anchor text being the clickable part of the link). Including your primary keywords into your anchors is crucial for ranking well for this keyword. Now you can find out which anchors work for your competition, and which keywords they are using with just a few clicks.

Tells you if your competitors are leveraging the social media to rank better

SEO SpyGlass will reveal to you how many of your competitor’s backlinks come from forums and blogs. If they are tapping into social media for traffic and links, you can go ahead and do the same.

Lets you figure out where your competitors are buying links from

The software will quickly show you how many of your competitor’s backlinks come from homepages of other sites, rather than internal pages. 9 times out of 10, this is a dead giveaway of paid links. Oftentimes, you can even see how much they are paying per link buy visiting the homepage in question.

Shows you if your competition are listed in the Web’s best directories

SEO SpyGlass will show you whether or not your competitor has backlinks from the DMOZ or the Yahoo! Directory. These directories are so authoritative, you will get a rankings boost just from a single link from them.

Figures out the most valuable backlinks the site has

Get to know the exact link value of every backlink the site has. SEO SpyGlass will show you the total number of external and internal links on the Webpage backlink resides on, plus it will conveniently calculate the exact link value of every backlink your competitor has. This tells you exactly how much each link contributes to the site’s PageRank.

Shows you the age of every site that links to your competition

SpyGlass will uncover the exact age of every Website linking back to your competitor. This lets you instantly see if they are getting links from established, authoritative sites. Google and Yahoo in particular pay close attention to every site age, and will give you a rankings boost if you get links from sites that’s been around longer than others.

Lets you update backlink data over time

Say, you made a research two months ago and saved your project. Now you want to see PR of the backlink pages you found, as Google’s made a PageRank update. You may upload that project into SEO SpyGlass and choose to update any of the backlink data, for any backlink in that project.

Instantly creates SEO Success Blueprint Report

As soon as you’ve got all the analytical data at your disposal, you may use SEO SpyGlass to create a report where all these data will be nicely arranged and commented on.
SEO Success Blueprint Report is a step-by-step tutorial to site optimization — or a ready-made professional advice sheet. This report is written in plain English, and is easy-to-understand. It’s written for absolute beginners, yet reveals things professional search engine optimizers make their living off.

Supports 441 different search engines

SEO SpyGlass currently supports 441 international and local search engines so you can analyze your competition using the engine that matters most to you (or all of them!) The currently supported SEs include Google, Yahoo! and Bing and many of their localized versions, as well as regional search engines, like Altavista or Alexa.

  • Mac OS X 10.3 Panther with Java 1.5 or higher installed, Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger or Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard; Mac OS X 10.5 recommended.
  • Any PowerPC G3, G4, or G5 or Intel processor; 1 GHz G3, dual 800 MHz G4, any G5 or any Intel recommended.

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