1Password 2.9.15

Rated /5

1Password takes care of all your online passwords so you can use strong and unique passwords for every site and never forget any of them! Here are just a few of the unique features of 1Password:

  • Enters online usernames and passwords so that you don’t have to remember them.
  • Strong Password Generator automatically creates and fills passwords.
  • Built-in Anti-Phishing and Keylogger Protection provides security and peace of mind.
  • Take your information anywhere on your iPhone/iPod touch or Palm.
  • Goes far beyond Safari’s AutoFill. In short, 1Password keeps track of all your web passwords, automates sign-in, guards from identity theft, and allows you to stop worrying about your safety while online. Supports Mac OSX 10.4 and higher. Free fully functional trial for 30 days after which you’re limited to 20 items.

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