Version 12.0.71483 17.8MB

TeamViewer (Mac) 12.0.71483

Rated 5/5

TeamViewer is a free program for establishing a remote connection to other computers over the Internet. It allows remote control of PCs, desktop sharing for online presentations or team work and, for example, access to an office computer or server from anywhere.

In addition, the tool offers features such as instant messaging, voice-over-IP and video conferencing as well as file transfers and VPN connections. It works across firewalls, proxy server and NAT routers. The security of data transmission is guaranteed via an encrypted connection.

Another feature is the QuickConnect function, which is found at the top of all application windows. It enables, for example, individuals from the partner list to display any application remotely on the fly. The Web Connector is also handy, allowing remote access via login at the TeamViewer website if the software is not installed.

After quick installation, the user gets a TeamViewer ID and password. The software must then be installed and set up on the target computer before a connection is possible. The tool is VNC compatible.

Integrated chat, video and audio support, as well as data transfer, make TeamViewer an all-round solution for remote access to other computers as well as for online presentations. The software is suitable not only for remote maintenance, but also for collaboration and training.

A paid license is required for commercial use. An overview can be found on the homepage of the manufacturer.

Recently added features
* Faster drag & drop
* Enhanced multi-monitor support
* Individual connection settings can now be saved in a contacts list and used for subsequent connections
* Create a screenshot during a remote control session at any time
* AVI Converter
* Portable TeamViewer Panel
* Performance improvements, including a huge speedup in particular for large databases

Version 12.0.71483 17.8MB

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