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Say Hello to RapidWeaver 5

RapidWeaver makes it ridiculously easy to create stunning websites on your Mac. Whether you’re building your very first website or your fiftieth, RapidWeaver provides you with the know-how to quickly publish websites to be proud of.
No matter what you want to build – be it stunning online photo-slideshows straight from your iPhoto library, a company website or your own blog – RapidWeaver lets you do it with a minimum of fuss.
Code Free
RapidWeaver comes with 11 built-in page types – from blogs to sitemaps, photo albums to contact forms – so you can start work on every page in your site from the get-go. All without needing to know a line of code.
Simply choose the pages you need for your project, select a theme – customising it using the included variations – and add your content. That’s all there is to it!
Building an attractive site is simple with RapidWeaver thanks to more than 45 included themes – including six all-new themes for RapidWeaver 5 from world-renowned designers.
Changing the look and feel of your site is just a click away: you can change the theme as often as you like, and each theme offers easy customisation within RapidWeaver.
Once your RapidWeaver site is ready to go live it’s ridiculously simple to get it online. With built-in support for Apple’s MobileMe service, alongside support for FTP & SFTP uploads (used by almost every webhost around) you’ll be able to publish your site for the world to see in absolutely no time.
If you’ve already got webhosting or a MobileMe account, then your site can be online in a matter of minutes

  • Projects Window

    The all-new Projects Window keeps your recently-opened projects along with handy links in one convenient place.

  • 11 Built-in Plugins

    RapidWeaver 5 has nearly a dozen page types that can be added to your next RapidWeaver site, from blogs to photo albums.

  • Site Resources

    Adding resources to your site (such as PDFs) has never been easier: just drag in resources and organise them from within the RapidWeaver sidebar.

  • Refined UI

    We’ve made RapidWeaver even easier to use, with an bucketload of UI refinements in version 5. Creating websites has never been so simple!

  • Over 45 Themes Built-in

    There’s a theme for everyone with almost four-dozen built-in, customisable themes to choose from.

  • 6 All-New Themes

    We’ve added six gorgeous new themes to RapidWeaver 5, all from world-renowned designers, to help your sites stand out.

  • Theme Consolidation

    No matter how many stylesheets your theme uses, RapidWeaver 5 now consolidates (and optionally compresses) them to ensure your site loads as quickly as possible.

  • Organise your Themes

    The built-in theme browser supports folders for themes, allowing you to organise your favourite designs and easily find them in other projects.

  • Bookmarks Manager

    The all-new Bookmarks Manager allows you to easily save and quickly re-use publishing details across multiple projects.

  • MobileMe, FTP & SFTP

    Whether you’re uploading your site to your MobileMe account or any other webhost, RapidWeaver can handle it with built-in FTP and SFTP support.

  • One Click Publishing

    Making changes to your site is easy: with one click, RapidWeaver exports and uploads all the changes made to your website.

  • Smart Publishing

    RapidWeaver’s Smart Publishing means you only ever need to publish the files that have actually changed to your webspace.

  • Statistics

    RapidWeaver 5 makes it easier than ever to track who visits your site with GoSquared LiveStats and Google Analytics support. RapidWeaver 5 customers even get ad-free use of the basic LiveStats package!

  • Sitemap

    RapidWeaver 5 ships with a new dedicated plugin that generates an HTML sitemap for your website. Visitors will always be able to find the page they’re looking for!

  • XML Sitemap

    RapidWeaver generates an XML sitemap for your entire website and lets the major search engines know that your site has been updated.

  • Great Code, Everywhere

    RapidWeaver generates code using all your favourite web standards – and it’s easily indexed by the search engines.

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