Tooble build 00102

Rated /5

Browse, Search, and Download YouTube Video directly to your iPod. It is fast, simple and free!
Tooble lets you browse, search and download any video from YouTube and put it on your iPod, iPhone or Apple TV.
Tooble automatically converts YouTube video to MP4 format and then sends them to iTunes so that the next time you plug in your iPod or iPhone they will be there for you to watch.
Super simple to use, because unlike other similar utilities, tooble is also a stand alone YouTube browser. Right now it is only available for Macintosh, but a Windows version is coming soon.
Tooble is also completely free. It contains no spyware, malware, viruses or advertisting. We just think it’s reallly cool and want you to have a copy.
For Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4) and Leopard (Mac O SX 10.5).

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