Librarian Pro for Mac 2.1.5

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Download a 15 Day Free Trial of Librarian Pro a complete personal inventory system from
If you have your own mini-library of books, magazines, games, CDs, software titles and movies then this software helps to organize items into smart collections. Add them to the in-program shopping cart, mark them as lent out to friends, and even export for the web or your iPod. Librarian Pro also supports importing from other cataloging applications like Delicious Library and DVDpedia. Search for items in-program on Amazon by author, artist, title, and keyword, details will automatically fill into new items this includes images. Download the free fifteen day trial and return serenity to your media collections.
Mac OS X 10.5 or later.


  • Organize items into smart collections
  • Create multiple databases for different locations
  • Reload details for items from Amazon
  • View a borrowed items list
  • Filter out duplicate inventory items
  • Shop on Amazon from within the program
  • Compatible with Amazon Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany and France
  • Sleek Mac-like modern feel and controls
  • View item details on the fly in the main window
  • Display items in list or icon mode
  • Import from Delicious Library
  • Import from DVDpedia, Bookpedia, CDpedia, Gamepedia
  • Import iTunes Albums
  • Import Borrowers from Address Book (Mac OS X)
  • Export to the web
  • Export to your iPod
  • Manage a list of borrower accounts
  • Create records for software, music, movies, games, and books!
  • Review items with a five-star system

  • Version 2.1.5
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug dragging and dropping into collections.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug using speech on Lion.

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