Guiffy 7.4 (Build 198)

Rated /5

An Advanced Cross-Platform Diff/Merge Tool designed to make comparing, merging, and upgrading source files and folders as easy and reliable as possible. Features ‘SureMerge’, a smart 3-way merge feature.
Guiffy is cross-platform and adopts the native look-and-feel on Windows, the Motif look-and-feel on Unix/Linux platforms, the Macintosh “classic” look-and-feel on MacOS 9, and the new Aqua interface on MacOS X.
Note:MacOS X 10.4 includes a 1.4 and/or 1.5 JRE. This installer sets up Guiffy to use the newest JRE. On Intel Macs, Guiffy and its installer requires the 1.5 JRE.
21-day trial for Mac OS X 10.4 (PPC or Intel) limited to 321 lines per file.

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