dropBatch iconMaker 1.0.1

Rated /5

dropBatch iconMaker is an easy to use program that adds osx thumbnails to pictures. iconMaker can be used to add 128 x 128 pixel thumbnails to pc-picture files, files you download from the internet, screenshots you make in the finder or to improve the quality of existing thumbs made by your digital camera or scanner. The thumbnails are created out of the actual picture data, iconMaker will do this better than most digital camera’s do. With dropBatch iconMaker you also can add a picture to the created thumbnail, this can be used to sign or mark your files.
Simply drop a few files or a folder on the application icon or window to start.
The marker option will let you choose any picture. This picture will be drawn on the created thumbnail in the specified corner. Pure white pixels will be transparant. If you choose a png file the mask in the png file will be used.
For OS X 10.2 and later.

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