Aquatik 1.4

Rated /5

Aa Mac OS X (Cocoa) tickertape client written in ObjectiveC.
Aquatik is a tickertape style headline news and chat/messaging application for Mac OS X. It can receive Elvin notifications from a variety sources including CVS, various news feeds (usenet and RSS) and also from other tickertape clients. It relies on the Elvin C SDK.
Features include:

  • optional scrolling text window,
  • support for the presence protocol,
  • Text-to-Speech,
  • unicode support,
  • threaded and non-threaded history displays,
  • optional pinning of the scroller to the bottom of the screen,
  • cmd-option drag to move the scroller,
  • and the ability to change the scroller background color and translucency.

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