MacGizmo 1.0.8

Rated /5

With MacGizmo you can see item content and other useful information with one click directly from the Finder. MacGizmo is now a Universal Binary program that runs “native” on the new Intel Macs.
It is very easy to use: select an item and see the content.
MacGizmo currently fully supports most of the common kinds of items that populate a disk, like: images, sounds, music, video, text, pdfs, web files, fonts, folders, applications and many more.
MacGizmo does more than just providing a preview! It also allows you to navigate as a web browser, have full access to pdf and text files, read help and the recent items opened by an application simply by selecting it, hear music, see videos and, where applicable, print and search content.
This release includes a number of bug fixes.
Requires Mac OS X 10.4 and later.

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