AddressFactory 3.4

Rated /5

A full-featured address book.Features include:
>Immediate access to the detail of each entry.
>Creation of categories which can be accessed in one click.
>Management of category transfers/deletion/modification. >Drag&Drop functions within the document and to other applications.
>Document protection using 128 bits encrypting and password access.
>Telephone dialer included.
>Possibility to add an unlimited number of addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and Internet addresses for each contact.
>Dialing a phone number, sending an e-mail and opening an Internet page can all be done in a simple double-click.
>Automatic search of post-code/town for 15 countries.
>Ability to modify existing data base and add an infinite number of new post codes.
>Automatic entering of your keywords with a modifiable base.
>Data base fields can be accessed by simply moving the mouse cursor over the field.
>Supports importation of 8 different file-types from other address book programs (Outlook-Express, etc).
>Document locking(immediate or differed)preventing other users from using your repertory during your absence. >Keeps a log (which can be saved and printed) of erroneous passwords entered.
>Fonts, field colors and repertory list colors are customizable.
>Includes a currency converter (54 countries)with rates which can be automatically updated by Internet (You select the currencies which are to be updated).

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