LetsSee 2.1

Rated /5

A powerful and full-featured graphics browser.
LetsSee is the perfect solution for people who regularly work with pictures or movie files. It’s a graphics browser that gives you fast and easy access to your favourite pictures and movies, flash and mp3 files. You can edit and save your images. You can modify and batch change fileproperties like name, file-comment and creator. Present your media files as a continuous slideshow, create a html photo gallery and a lot more.
LetsSee is a picture viewer, a selection and presentation tool for everyone. LetsSee lets you browse your disks and find or view your files easily. Whether you’re a photographer, a student, journalist or multimedia professional, you can organise your images, movies and documents and browse them in a user-friendly application. It can open picts, photoshop files, jpegs, gifs, tiff, targa, png, macpaint, silicon graphic, quicktime images and bmp files. LetsSee opens quicktime and vr movies, flash (swf) files and mp3 and wav sounds.
For OS X. (also available for OS 8.6 or later)

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