My Cover CD for iTunes 2

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Make CD jewel case label inserts .
My Cover CD for iTunes is a now a Cocoa application for the creation of CD jewel case inserts (front and back with thin spines) from a selection of songs in iTunes.
Features include :
– create covers from a selection in iTunes, the creation of a playlist is not required
– you can choose any illustrations for your covers (front and/or back) or no illustration
– Text can be personalized (font, style, size, form, color) and all text can be edited by double-clicking on it with mouse, as in a text document.
– Text and illustration styles can be saved for use the another time
– Mosaics can be created using iTunes illustrations if more than one illustration is available.
The latest version 2.7.22 includes :
– TIFF options available
– Tracks can now be automatically wrapped to be written on a single line (the setting is done in panel “Parameters” of text)
– With this new feature, tracks can now be listed on : 4 columns on the back cover (up to 160 tracks with a font size of 7);
6 columns with template front cover with booklet (up to 220 tracks with a font size of 7);
3 columns with template front cover alone (up to 120 tracks with a font size of 7)

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