CandyBar 3.1.2

Rated /5

CandyBar is an OS X application brought to you by Panic and The Iconfactory, onez of the webs best source for cool, free icons. Anyone who loves icons or customizing their Macs will love CandyBar. CandyBar is quite simply the easiest, quickest and by far, the safest way to customize the icons found in the system and application toolbars of Mac OS X. CandyBar also lets you customize apps, folders, clipping icons, locations and even the OS X Trash icon. CandyBar 3 now has Pixadex built right in. Now, your favorite application for changing system icons is also your favorite application for managing your icons, with a smooth, unified interface. For Mac OS X 10.5 Only. Free CandyBar trial is limited to 15 days and 250 icons.

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