mldonkey 3.0.6

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MLDonkey is a multi-platform multi-network peer-to-peer client.
It was formerly a Linux client for the eDonkey network. Now, it is also able to connect to multiple networks (gnutella, Direct-Connect, Soulseek, etc). Networks can be enabled/disabled, searches are performed in parallel on all enabled networks.
MLdonkey runs as a daemon on the computer, in the background, downloading and sharing files, 24 hours a day. It can be controlled using several interfaces: the simplest one is telnet (telnet 4000), a more interesting one is a WEB server (, and a binary protocol allows access using more elaborate Graphical Interfaces (see the GUIs available on your system at the bottom of the page).
MLdonkey comes by default with a GTK interface. All these interfaces can be used locally, or remotely (after disabling security restrictions).
For all POSIX (Linux/BSD/UNIX-like OSes), Solaris, BeOS, MorphOS.
* 100% Open Source, GPL license
* runs on Linux, Unix, Solaris, MacOSX, MorphOS and Windows
* The p2p core can run on a resource limited headless computer, with remote GUI clients accessing it over the network.
o The core is built to run as daemon for days, weeks, ever…
* Several different GUIs available, some of them developed separately.
* Multi-user support: the same core can queue and process downloads for several different users who can’t see what the others are downloading.
* Several different file-sharing networks supported:
o ED2K (and Kademlia and Overnet)
o BitTorrent
o DC++

MLDonkey: New release 3.0.6

Added support for UPNP, eMule captchas, binary KAD nodes.dat files, fixes for DC, BT and filetp

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