F1 by Mozilla Labs 0.7.1

Rated /5

Download the new Mozilla F1 from Downsoft.com.
F1 is a browser extension that allows you to share links in a fast and fun way. Share links from within the browser, from any webpage, using the same services you already know and love. F1 is made by Mozilla Messaging.
Share with your favourite services…
Twitter With one click F1 automatically shortens URLs using bit.ly so that you don’t have to. F1 then inserts the shortened URL into your tweet, making the whole process seamless.
Facebook F1 posts the URL, complete with screenshot and description right to your Facebook wall, instantly sharing the link with all your friends on Facebook.
Gmail F1 automatically inserts the URL into the body of your email – simply type in your recipient’s Email addresses and hit share.

Works with:
  • Firefox 3.6 – 4.0b8pre

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