Linux nForce Drivers 1.23

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The following drivers are open-source and are included in most popular Linux distributions. In most cases, the Linux installer will select the appropriate driver for the detected nForce hardware.
NVIDIA also provides pre-compiled storage (sata_nv) and Ethernet (forcedeth) driver disc images that may be required during the initial Linux installation. These driver disc images are provided for certain commercially-supported Linux distributions. The driver disc images often times contain certain upgrades and bug fixes that were not available at the time the original distributions began shipping. If you plan to install Linux via NVIDIA networking or NVIDIA storage, then these pre-compiled drivers must be installed during installation.
Supported Distributions:

  • SLES 10 (
  • RHEL 3 UP7 (2.4.21-40)
  • RHEL 4 UP4 (2.6.9-42)
  • RHEL 4 UP5 (2.6.9-55)
  • Fedora Core 5 (2.6.15-1)
  • RHEL 3 UP8 (2.4.21-47)
  • SuSE 10.2 (
  • RHEL 5 (2.6.18-1)

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