WebSite Auditor for Linux & UNIX 1.5.7

Rated /5

Ensure that Google never underranks your web pages with WebSite Auditor. WebSite Auditor analyzes you website and then conveniently fits all results into an on-page optimization report that’s easy to understand even for a non-professional optimizer.

  • Gives you detailed advice in plain English, recommending and giving the reasoning behind every optimization step that has to be made. All you have to do is make quick changes on your website following the software guidance.
  • Supports UTF-8 – WebSite Auditor assists in optimizing your web pages for keywords in any languages.
  • Offers advanced analysis for experts – For those who prefer twisting and turning search engine data themselves, WebSite Auditor offers plenty of info on keyword use, all neatly arranged in the adjustable main view.
  • Provides optimization advice for specific Search Engines – You can specify the search engines that you particularly target, and WebSite Auditor will help you optimize your pages so that you rank high especially in these particular search engines. Today WebSite Auditor supports 501 search engines, including Google, Yahoo! and Bing and many more.
  • Determines ideal keyword density for your specific keywords – You get directions as to how many times to use your targeted keywords in each page element. Thus you make your keywords prominent on your webpage, so that they bring you traffic.
  • Analyzes keyword optimization of each HTML element – WebSite Auditor will analyze how many words are used in each important element of your page’s HTML code and will tell you how well each of them is optimized for high rankings right now.

Free, requires any Linux distro with official Sun’s Java 1.5 or higher installed (reported to work with Debian, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Redhat/Fedora, Mandriva, Gentoo, Slackware, and Novell SUSE Linux); Debian GNU/Linux recommended.

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