Qt Script for Application (QSA) 1.0.0

Rated /5

A cross-platform scripting toolkit that allows developers to make their Qt/C++ applications scriptable using an interpreted scripting language, Qt Script (based on ECMAScript/JavaScript).
Includes :
QSA Library : C++ library for making Qt-based applications scriptable.
Qt Script : an easy-to-learn, cross-platform interpreted scripting language. Qt Script is based on the ECMAScript standard.
QSA Workbench : a light weight, simple to use scripting environment that developers can make available to scripters. QSA Workbench includes syntax highlighting, completion and provides a stack trace. It can be used to write, edit and run scripts.
Input Dialog Framework ; a high level GUI API that allows scripters to write dialogs that receive input from users.
Utility Framework ; an extension library for giving scripters file access and shell execution possibilities.

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