PDF Report Writer ?

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FyTek’s PDF Report Writer allows you to easily create PDF reports with headers and/or footers as well as text and tables that flow across pages. This product features XML tags and many popular HTML tags (like TABLE, TR, and TD) to create PDF reports.
You can create PDF documents almost the same way you create HTML pages and reports – only better. PDF Report Writer contains a rich set of features and functions which go far beyond plain HTML. You can use Report Writer to build PDFs that match pre-printed paper forms or just place your data in tables and create a report. Set up headers and footers that automatically repeat on all pages. Use sub-headers and repeat blocks for various sections of your report. Table columns are sized automatically for you (or you can specify the column sizes if you want). Table headers will automatically reprint on page breaks – which you can specify or just let the software handle for you. Add in bookmarks to easily jump from one area of a report to another.

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