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RegSeeker 1.05 RC1

Rated /5

Lets you clean the registry. Has a powerful registry cleaner and can display information such as your startup entries, histories (even index.dat files), installed applications and much more ! With RegSeeker you can search for any item inside your registry, …

Etherscan Analyzer 2.0

Rated /5

Etherscan Analyzer is an advanced network traffic and protocol analyzer, which works in all Windows-based operating systems. With Etherscan, you can capture and analyze all packets transmitted in your segment of the local network. Etherscan decodes all major protocols, including …

PropertyEditor 4.03

Rated /5

PropertyEditor is a system enhancement tool that lets you configure a great handful of properties for the selected file, folder and hard disk drive – all quickly and refreshingly easy. With PropertyEditor in place, you can configure the context menu …