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Tri-Backup 4

Rated /5

Tri-BACKUP is a backup tool. It will do an immediate backup (Immediate Actions) or programmed backup (Programmed Actions). For an immediate backup, you just drag and drop the desired folder or disk and run the action. Once the copy has …

MuchoFileInfo 1.2

Rated /5

Change file type and creator codes. This program is useful if you don’t like the parameters of the Finder Data Base (files are associated with specified programs for management of automatic opening and drag’n’ drop). This simple utility allows you …

Hide-A-Folder 2.5

Rated /5

Make your folders invisible. Keep your information from prying eyes, snooping employees, or kids who may accidentally damage or alter your files. Hide-A-Folder works by making folder(s) invisible. The folders can, however, be made visible easily by anyone with skill …