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mldonkey 3.0.6

Rated /5

MLDonkey is a multi-platform multi-network peer-to-peer client. It was formerly a Linux client for the eDonkey network. Now, it is also able to connect to multiple networks (gnutella, Direct-Connect, Soulseek, etc). Networks can be enabled/disabled, searches are performed in parallel …

Flock (Linux) 2.0.3

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Flock is a web browser that specialises in providing social networking and Web 2.0 facilities built into its user interface. Until the current version, Flock used the Gecko HTML rendering engine by Mozilla.  The upcoming version 3 will use the …

BitTornado 0.3.17

Rated /5

BitTornado is a BitTorrent client. It is developed by John Hoffman, who also created its predecessor, Shad0w’s Experimental Client. Based on the original BitTorrent client, the interface is largely the same, with added features such as: upload/download speed limitation prioritised …