Disk2disk 1.3

Rated /5

A custom back up utility
This program automates and secures back ups of all or part of your data store on to all types of removable media. At runtime, a name is given to each back up in order to preserve its parameters. Files or folders are defined to be saved via check boxes presented in a tree structure and then nominating a time and date for the backup. The user chooses the destination folder and location and can specify if the backup is to replace or not any previous backups. The level of data compression can be set and the backup can be locked using a password. All the files are grouped together to form one single archive file which then can be opened only via the software. However, you can choose to restore any individual file or group of files from within the archive. Options to check dates of files are available to prevent accidental archive deletion and backups can be pre-planned.

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