Reglo 3.2

Rated /5

Reglo is virtual ruler to assist you with graphic design. It supports many different measurement units (pixels, centimetres, inches…) and can be used to measure objects and specified zones.
Reglo has one-keystroke positioning to pinpoint the exact spot of the cursor and can magnify a selected portion of the screen and let you copy the image to the clip board.
Reglo also includes a colour picker that enables you to look up and copy the colour of any pixel on the desktop. It can also provide information about distances and angles between two points on the screen. To check that your design fits where it should, Reglo has a window-sizing tool than allows you to change the size of other application windows so you can see how your design will look on different screen resolutions, without having to switch to them.
In addition to the correction of minor bugs, this version is also easier to use.

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