Horas 3.9

Rated /5

World Clock and Time Synchronizer
Horas is a world clock that helps you keep track of the time in different cities by showing you clocks for multiple time zones. It is packed with useful features but it is still very easy to use. Has automatic adjustment of daylight saving changes, Swatch Internet Time support, analog and digital displays, auto-hiding of the clocks, custom date and time formats, custom fonts, custom backgrounds, and time zone information downloading. Plus, Horas can automatically adjust your computer clock by synchronizing it with atomic clocks. A powerful time converter is also included to let you enter any time in any city and see the corresponding time in all the other cities. Horas takes very little space on your desktop and can be controlled from a little icon in the taskbar status area.
Horas will work until year 10 000 (!)

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