EasyLife 1.0.1

Rated /5

Automatic filing of files and/or folders.
This program lets you set up an automatic filing system, using keywords, for tidying your files and/or folders into different directories. To set this up, you must first select a folder in to which all files and folders must be placed in order to be “tidied away”. If no folder is selected, the desktop will be automatically designated. You must then enter keywords and the corresponding destination folders. To use the program, the files and folders to be tidied must be placed either on the desktop or into the specified folder. The program then uses the keywords to identify them and tidies them away into the corresponding folders.
An alarm will notify you if a file to be tidied is open and you can move a file to the trash if the destination folder is located on an external support (in this is the case, a copy must be made).

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