Discalog 0.01

Rated /5

A Cross-platform cataloguing utility.
Discalog is a cross-platform disk cataloguing utility which will catalog your CDs, Zip disks, optical disks — in fact, any volume that your computer can access. The generated descriptions can be read under both Mac OS and Windows.
Just select the disk to be analysed, determine the types of files on the disk to catalog and begin the process. Discalog will create a database (in 4D format) so that you can easily search (using key words) to find the files you’re looking for. Discalog will tell you the name of the file, the disk (or other type of media) that it’s on, and where you have stored that disk. This database can be consulted as a list or as individual cards and can be saved and printed out.
The database cards can be deleted if required.
Also available for Mac
Win 95/98

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