32VerSee 2.31

Rated /5

32VerSee is a graphics viewer and photo editor.
It has been specially designed to view images sequentially regardless of their name, size, extension and date, by using the Sequence mode. It can support up to 99 photos with the same name in the same folder (this can be very useful for picture galleries) and perform instant zoom and stretch while using the graphics viewer.
It also performs functions such as screen capture, image converter: (save, copy, move, print, send to and delete graphic files), Photo editor. It allows you to rename photo files, undo and redo picture editions. Has a graphic slide show with auto scroll, auto size and will centre image of photo files. You can view next photo, activate or refresh image, flip, swap and place photos by changing the sequence order.
Some minor bugs have been fixed in this version
Win 95/98

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