Version 1.1.0

Tiny Hot Corners for Windows 10 1.1.0

Rated 5/5

Tiny hot corners for Windows 10 enables the display of all open applications as soon as you navigate with the mouse to the upper-left hand corner of the display. The tool is an alternative to the keyboard shortcut Windows key + tab.

It requires no installation and can be launched as-is. The tool should be enabled for automatic start when Windows boots.

It implements a GNOME 3 feature for Windows with minimal overhead.

This is a very minimal hotcorner app, written in C. You can adjust parameters, delays, bindings easily and recompile.

Zero state is stored anywhere, no registry keys or configuration files.

If you want to configure something, edit the code and recompile. If you want to uninstall it, just delete it.

Version 1.1.0

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