Version 5.0 22.4MB

lexiCan 5.0

Rated 5/5

The wiki software lexiCan offers you all the benefits of Windows: It is installed within a matter of minutes and starts with a description of your content without the need for further configuration. You therefore benefit from the convenience of the user-friendly operation of the word processing applications to which you are accustomed. You copy and paste content or use import functions for files or entire directories. Test it now…

Reliable content search

Besides being quick to install and easy to use, this wiki software also provides smart search features. The full text search delivers a split-second overview of results, taking embedded files into account. An automatic A-Z index provides you with an overview of all content at all times. You can also use dynamic filters to access content instantly. However, this wiki software has more to offer: Whereas other wiki systems are slow to create assignments using just keywords, lexiCan provides a full outline function. This function also allows you to assign content more than once, if necessary. After all, the world and your knowledge are seldom one-dimensional. An overview of functions is available here…

Effortless knowledge linking

This wiki software allows you to create links between articles easily using drag and drop or using the menu. For titles of up to two words, lexiCan links to the corresponding article automatically, allowing you to link your knowledge effortlessly. This makes it easier for you to structure content on a modular basis, yet nevertheless create connections. Using this wiki software, you can create links to files, folders and web addresses just as easily.

Integrated references function and file management

Do you systematically evaluate extensive references? If so, lexiCan can assist you with an integrated references management feature. You assign one or more references to your content using drag and drop. lexiCan automatically creates an overview that shows which source is used by which articles. Dynamic filters also ensure that you find the content you are searching for quickly and reliably. The file management feature also makes it easier to update files without having to reassign them.

Wiki software for individual users and teams

lexiCan can offer you the right product either for personal use or for teams. Teams use lexiCan Business Edition for support databases, knowledge databases and knowledge bases or for the structured management of project informations . Individual users use lexiCan Pro Edition: Scientists use this wiki software to evaluate research and research projects, lecturers use it to manage teaching material, and students use it to organise their collection of material. You can use this wiki software privately to manage your household or your hobby.

+WEB: Seamless access via a web browser

You can use +WEB, the enhancement to lexiCan Business Edition, to publish your lexiCan content directly in a standard web browser without exporting it or uploading it. lexiCan is thus a hybrid solution combining the best of both worlds: Convenient editing in Windows and cross-platform publishing without needing to install the platform, even for mobile devices. It is up to you whether you publish content on your local Intranet or on the Internet. More information…

Export functions

Unlike other wiki systems, lexiCan is not a dead end system. Convenient export functions make sure of this. With just a few mouse clicks, you can use this wiki software to generate documents in common formats such as DOCX or PDF. lexiCan also converts content into the practical CHM format (Windows help files).

Test it now!

Get started now with the free lexiCan Standard Edition. This is not a 30-day test version. With no runtime limitation, you use your content seamlessly for the lexiCan Pro Edition, Business Edition and +WEB.

Version 5.0 22.4MB

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