SpyBlocker 7.4

Rated /5

SpyBlocker Blocks the activity of Spyware, Ads, Cookies, Web Bugs, Scripts, Worms, Scanners and Adware while you use your computer.
Free software often comes at the price of included ‘spyware,’
SpyBlocker Blocks ads from ad-supported software, disabling the ad module and tracking capabilities without disabling the program itself.
SpyBlocker prevents spyware from transmitting your personal information.
SpyBlocker also protects your computer while you surf : there are over 10,000 known Internet objects that can either damage your computer or track everything you do online! – by using single-pixel Web Bugs and other Tracking Methods, others can acquire
information about you, your machine and your browsing habits (unlesss you get SpyBlocker !)

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