Version 3.1.2

aTunes 3.1.2

Rated 5/5

aTunes is a full-featured audio player and organiser. aTunes supports mp3, ogg, wma, wav, flac and mp4 files and allows users to edit tags, organise music and rip audio cds easily.

  • Supported formats: mp3, ogg, wma, wav, flac, mp4, m4a, ra, rm, cue
  • Online radio supported
  • Player engine: mplayer for all environments, xine for Linux systems
  • Volume control, mute function
  • Karaoke function
  • Equalizer
  • Normalisation
  • Shuffle and repeat options
  • OSD (On-screen display)
  • Hotkeys


Version 3.1.2

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