Version 1.3.8 0.15MB

xpy 1.3.8

Rated 5/5

xpy lets you tweak Windows according to your needs. It supports all versions from Windows 2000 to Windows 7 (Windows 8 is yet untested). Tweaking options includes includes the disabling of services, changing the behaviour and usability, deleting undesired files, or tweaking programs like Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player and Windows Messenger.

It is recommended to use xpy with care, it’s not everybody’s solution to make your Windows run better. Use it with care and it will help you making changes to your operating system much quicker.

To all Vispa users: Vispa was once a stripped down, Windows Vista optimized version of xpy. As of xpy 1.2, both projects have been merged and Vispa is no longer maintained or even updated. If you use Windows Vista or later, get the latest version of xpy.

Version 1.3.8 0.15MB

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