Version 4.33 0.06MB

FontViewOK 4.33

Rated 5/5

The problem is well known: you can remember what the font looks like, but its name escapes you. This helps the FontView. This program gives you a quick visual overview of all installed fonts and helps compare fonts.

FontViewOK is designed so that it is possible to have a quick and easy overview of fonts. Primarily it was made as a fairly simple font program. This means the software does not require advanced knowledge to use.


* Quick overview of all fonts
* Printing with print preview
* Adjustable font size,-style and colour
* Dual font preview for quick comparisons
* List of all fonts from a specific folder
* Ease of use

If the first time you start “FontViewOK” on your PC, you will be shown a licence on the screen. The program is completely free and the licence information is displayed only once (per PC).


Version 4.33 0.06MB

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